Ridhi Siddhi Pol - Ворота

Джайпур (Jaipur): Ridhi Siddhi Pol

В западной части "двора" - портал Riddhi Siddhi Pol, который ведет во внутренний дворик Pritam Niwas Chowk. Riddhi (процветание) и Siddhi (духовная сила) сподвижницы Ganesha.

Ridhi Sidhi Pol, leading the way to Pritam Niwas Chowk, has both Rajput as well as Mughal architectural elements. This section is part of the City Palace complex and has been named after the main idol Lord Ganesha and his consorts, Ridhi and Sidhi.

Джайпур (Jaipur): Ridhi Siddhi Pol

Именно в северной части дворика расположен многоэтажный офис "правителя". Туда можно попасть с отдельной экскурсией.

Chandra Mahal or Chandra Niwas is the most commanding building in the City Palace complex, on its west end. It is a seven-storeyed building and each floor has been given a specific name such as the Sukh-Niwas, Ranga-Mandir, Pitam-Niwas, Chabi-Niwas, Shri-Niwas and Mukut-Mandir or Mukut Mahal. It contains many unique paintings, mirror work on walls and floral decorations.

At present, most of this palace is the residence of the descendents of the former rulers of Jaipur. Only the ground floor is allowed for visitors where a museum is located that displays carpets, manuscripts and other items that belonged to the royal family.

There is beautiful peacock gate at the entry to the Mahal. It has screened balconies and a pavilion at the roof from where a panoramic view of the city can been seen. It is set amidst well laid out gardens and a decorative lake in the foreground.

Джайпур (Jaipur): Ridhi Siddhi Pol
Green gate, representing Spring, is dedicated to Lord Ganesha Зеленые ворота, посв.Ganesha (весна)

Внутренний дворик примечателен четырьмя порталами, которые декорированы под четырe времени года.

The doorways of this gateway ideally represent all four seasons. These four doorways include Rose Gate (winter), Peacock Gate (autumn), Green Gate (spring) and Lotus Gate (summer). The doorways are also decorated with traditional Rajasthani ornamentations, influenced by the regional culture.

The Palace has so many gateways that lead to important places inside its premises. One of such doorway is the Ridhi Sidhi Pol, which carries four small doorways. These smaller doorways are conspicuous since it represents the four seasons. Each portion of Ridhi Sidhi Pol is decorated with typical Rajasthani ornamentation, which is really outstanding.

Here, there are four small gates (known as Ridhi Sidhi Pol) that are adorned with themes representing the four seasons and Hindu gods. The gates are the Northeast Peacock Gate (with motifs of peacocks on the doorway) representing autumn and dedicated Lord Vishnu; the Southwest Lotus Gate (with continual flower and petal pattern) suggestive of summer season and dedicated to Lord Shiva-Parvati; the Northwest Green Gate, also called the Leheriya (meaning: "waves") gate, in green colour suggestive of spring and dedicated to Lord Ganesha, and lastly, the Rose Gate with repeated flower pattern representing winter season and dedicated to Goddess Devi.

Джайпур (Jaipur): Ridhi Siddhi Pol
Lotus Gate, dedicated to Shiva and Parvati, represents the summer season Ворота лотоса       Лето

Джайпур (Jaipur): Ridhi Siddhi Pol
Peacock gate is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and represents autumn Павлиньи ворота, посв.Vishnu (осень)
Джайпур (Jaipur): Ridhi Siddhi Pol
Rose Gate represents winter and is dedicated to the goddess Devi Розовые ворота, посвящены Devi (зима)

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