Jai Mandir - The Hall of Victory (слева)

Амбер (Amber Fort):Jai Mandir -  The Hall of Victory

Jai Mandir, also known as “The Hall of Victory”. Jai Mandir was constructed later by Mirza Raja Jai Singh I. Mandir have lusted ceiling with embedded mirror poeces in it. Insid the Jai Mandir, there is a Hall of Private audiene or ‘Diwan-E-Khas’ which is more likely seems to be as that of decoration and ornamentation of Jai Mandir and also “Sheesh Mahal” which is known for its mirror work. Several pieces of mirrors increases the beauty of walland the cieling, and a liitke spark of light illuminates the entire room.

The most beautiful structure in the Amber Fort is Jai Mandir.

It is double floored and covered with white marble pavilion which overlooks the third courtyard garden , The Aram Bagh. It was built by Jai Singh I in the 17th century and is divided in three parts: the Diwan-i-Khas (Hall of the Private Audience) on the ground floor, a hall named Sheesh Mahal (Glass Palace) adjacent to Diwan-i-Khas, and the Jas Mandir (Hall of Glory) on the upper floor.

Амбер (Amber Fort):Jai Mandir -  The Hall of Victory

The interior of Jai Mandir is well decorated. All the walls and roofs of the three parts are covered with small mirror pieces and also with white marbles. Secret meetings of Maharajas were held in these three parts. The lower portion of Jai Mandir is Glass Palace or “Sheesh Mahal”. This is the private lining area of the male members of the royal family and court. The sides of the interior walls are decorated with glass pieces and floral petals.

Амбер (Amber Fort):Jai Mandir -  The Hall of Victory
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